Christmas Magic

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Christmas is just around the corner, and we adults are hustling and bustling, to buy the perfect gift for everyone on our list. By now we’d received all kinds of hints and a few suggestions (lists, to make our shopping experience easier).

Christmas is for the little ones, but my children are adults now with families of their own, and on Christmas morning, my husband and I will wake up in an empty old house. I’m sure Christmas morning will be lovely, but the sound and excitement of little ones is but an echo. As a result, the season has lost a little of its magic.

Months of commercialization sap the life out of Christmas spirit and crowds of shoppers which grow every year, are overwhelming. By the time, my family arrives on Christmas Eve, I’m worn out from shopping, wrapping presents, decorating and baking. I’m just ready for the New Year to begin.

In an instant a precious grandchild can bring the magic back, and remind us all of the true spirit of Christmas.

It isn’t about the most expensive or trendy gift but a gift from the heart. My seven-year-old granddaughter’s school sponsored a Santa Shoppe for students where each child would have the opportunity to purchase Christmas presents for their parents, and friends; the prices ranged from $1-$5.

Included on my granddaughter’s Christmas list was her daddy, a construction worker. She spotted the perfect gift the minute  she walked into Santa’s Shoppe.

Her daddy often received calls after hours, and on more than one occasion, she watched him  go out to his van at night. Unable to see well enough to unlock the door to his van, he always came back, grumbling  in search of a flashlight.

What did my seven year-old granddaughter buy her daddy for Christmas?

A keychain flashlight. 

Her thoughtfulness brought him to tears.  How do I know? She couldn’t wait to give it to him. 

Often the small things that make the biggest differences in our lives. This is the spirit of Christmas. The magic is back.

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Magic

    • Thank you so much for you kind comments. She truly is one of the most sensitive children and she has touched so many with this story. I’m glad one were one of them. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  1. Thank you Sheila, for the pingback it is very much appreciated especially as my Christmas Blog is a new one. I laughed when you mentioned the Torch your granddaughter brought her Daddy, it brought back memories. My brother could never keep a secret , one year the six of us all pooled our pocket money and brought Dad a Torch for Christmas and made Alf promise not to tell Dad, but the very next night he said … Dad I can’t tell you what we got you for Christmas but it starts with T-OR-CH, wow did he cop it from the rest of us 🙄

    Your very heart warming message Sheila also made me ponder, if I was able what would I give my Abba Father, in Greek Abba means Daddy. What does our Heavenly Daddy need ? He does indeed have all things but it’s really no secret, He chose to need us and sent Jesus so we could be together with Him eternally because He Loved us so much, what does He want from us,a heart that really Loves and wants Him and shows it.

    Thank you again Christian Love from both of us – Anne


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