There’s an old saying I keep in my desk drawer. I pull it out ever now and again when I need to be reminded. Today was one of those days.

     “Indecision is like a dull knife that hacks and tears, leaving ragged edges behind.” 

When I worked, making decisions came easy. Perhaps, it was the added responsibility, or the multi-tasking. Regardless of the reason, in my professional life it was easy.  

The Choices

I can’t say the same, now. I’m always the holdup when we go out to dinner. Unable to decide between two menu items, the waitress  will end up waiting on at least two other tables before I can make a decision, and in the mean time I have to listen to my family’s stomach’s growling and their protest urging me to “just pick something.”

Shopping isn’t much different. I no longer have my best friend, having lost her three years ago, so it’s less fun and deciding which shoe or dress I like the best has become exhausting. 

So, you can imagine my consternation today, when I was handed a bigger, more important decision to make, especially when someone close to me differed in their opinion about what I should do. Boy did I feel those ragged edges. 

 I sat back, thought about it for a long time, and remembered who I was. I may not make the same high-powered, fast-pace decisions I once did, but I am still the same person. I haven’t forgotten the process. Decisions are like a sharp razor quick and smooth, leaving no ragged edges in sight. I know and I will.

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