Words Have Power


White HouseI’ve always believed words had the power to move people and nowhere was this more than this past week. Words have power. Spin them the right way, target  the right audience and they have the power to sway the election for the of President of the United States.

Although I was rooting for the other guy and didn’t like the tactics used, I had to hand it to them. Their words had power and moved people.

After getting over my disappointment, I thought about what they’d done, tailoring each ad and story to each target audience. Which brings me to writing, Isn’t  that what we want our stories to do?

But, let me be clear, I’m not recommending you emulate the campaign journalists and their spin, unless you’re writing bizarre fantasy. I recommend writing your story with words that will move with POWER, intensity, integrity, and authenticity.

Stories can move us to tears, or anger, make us gasp in horror, keep us up at night or make our bellies hurt from laughing out loud. It’s our job as writers to make sure we’ve done our homework, understand our audience, and tell the best story we can with imagery that places our readers in the story, with engaging dialogue, and characters that jump off the page.

As writers we have our target audiences, our genres. We share our books and stories on blogs, Facebook and Twitter, sell them on Amazon and iBooks and put ourselves out there for others to evaluate. So, make it count. Words have Power.

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