Where Do Your Characters Come From?

I belong to two different writing groups and each time, I learn something new. The insight I gain isn’t always about writing. For example, when I worked I was respected as an excellent RN and later, an Administrator. I did my job well. The difference between me and most other women had to do with the delivery. The voice, the tone you might say. I was a very organized, focused, direct person, a strong, independent woman.

All of us bring a little something of ourselves and experiences into what we write. Whether it is in tone, voice, words or characters. I’ve discovered I bring that strong personality into my characters. I have other characters. Some with a sarcastic wit about them that bring a mischievous smile to my face. Others can be rather sexy, but by far it is the strong character that wants to take center stage. It is a challenge for me.

How do you tell your story? Is it with humor? Sarcasm? Bitterness?

When you tell a story are your characters funny? Magical? Strong? All powerful? Silly? or Loving?

Where do your characters come from? Do you tame them? Should you?

Tell me. Share. An aspiring writer would like to know.

5 thoughts on “Where Do Your Characters Come From?

  1. Most of my characters are based on real people I have known. When I put two of them in a room I don’t have to even think about the dialog. I just let them talk and write it down.


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  3. I'm all about letting my characters tell their own stories. When I try too hard to write it, they sound flat. But when I just let go… that's when they become human, and instead of planning them out, they just ARE, and they're real. 🙂 I find a lot of the time in my stories there are recurring themes – loyalty vs abandonment, facing a fear of loss, overcoming rejection. Even if I'm trying to write a different genre, these themes come out, subconsciously.


  4. Your characters are like other human beings. They are, in a sense, real. Hence you get your characters from the world you live in and experience. Do we tame the characters? Characters are like your family. You give them the space they need, but do step in when they are out of line.I do not believe in starting with a predetermined notions of my characters being funny, magical, strong etc. First, I let them be. Then depending on the story, ask the question if they can be funny and so on?How do I tell the story? I have a good sense of humour, but I believe to write something humourous is an entirely different task altogether. I would want to tell a story with indignation, not bitterness. Pessimism is the end of writing. There is nothing else to write. Writing is an optimistic journey or even adventure.Gopinath thus-spake-sisyphus.blogspot.com


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