Here’s The Thing …

Social networks have gone amok, losing the purpose for which created. Originally meant to be a way to connect and re-connect, they have morphed into an avenue for anything but.

Anyone with a computer or smart phone can now access any or all of the latest social networking sites. Companies have staff members dedicated to nothing other than monitoring and contributing to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

What began as a social networking among friends, has become a way for businesses and individuals to pedal their latest wares, potential employers to check out applicants, and people to spout off, believing it’s a safer place to do so.

Diatribes generally withheld in public because someone would challenge them or hold them accountable are posted, with a satisfied smirk, I’m sure.

We know more intimate facts about “friends” than we would have ever known before social networking. We see them in pictures and posts in ways we wished we hadn’t, making you wonder if you ever knew them at all.

And, Here’s the Thing…..

We don’t connect or re-connect, we pull away. We pull away because what you do, what you say, what you post, makes a difference.

Words matter. They matter to your real-life friends, your family, your children to whom you are supposed to be an example, your co-workers, your employer, potential customers, and society at large. Like it or not, society has its rules and those who chose to ignore the fact, do pay the price.

Our friends, real or imagined are a reflection of each one of us, our values,  and what we hold dear. When we are bombarded with senseless, thoughtless, obnoxious or offensive postings, we’re forced to make a decision, and we choose NOT to connect.

We pull away, unsubscribe, “unfriend” or hit the delete button.

Tell me your story.

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