Writing Your Memoir

Whether it’s one of those significant, life-altering events, stories of adventure and excitement, or a life well-lived, many people want to share their personal story. Reasons for writing a memoir are as numerous and individual as the people writing the stories, but knowing where to begin and how to organize memories into a workable page-turner can be a bit daunting.

“Autobiography is the story of your life; memoir is a story from your life.”Samantha Dunn  


Where do you begin?

The most obvious place to start is with memories. Most of my childhood is blank and pulling memories from the abyss of my mind is like panning for gold in my backyard -hard to find. Memories come to me in spurts and flashes often triggered by a scent, or item found in an antique shop, but not every memory needs to go into our memoir. The key is retrieving and organizing our memories into a story worth sharing.

Invaluable Resources for Memoir Writers

Guest Author, Mary J. Breen, on  WOW’s Friday Speak Out,  offers up her own simple process for how to organize those memories in her post,  A Card Trick for Memoir Writers.

And to get into the nitty-gritty of memoir writing, check out the exclusive author mentorship program from the Write Your Memoir in Six Months Blog.

This site not only offers a series of courses on writing memoir but mentors are also available to walk you through the process. Here, you’ll find 15 Tips for Mining Your Memories, Memoir Categories, and How to Craft the Beginning of Your Story, and much more. This is one site you should bookmark and read from end to end as you begin the journey of writing your memoir.

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