A Fun Organizational Tool for Folders

I know, maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I’m a nut when it comes to organizing things – sometimes to the extreme. Oh wait, that sounds a lot like an obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Let’s not go there, shall we? That’s another subject … Anywhoo, here’s a little trick to help organize all those boring folders and files on your computer.

Here’s what your document file looks like, now:

Post on Icons.png

Step 1: Collect your favorite Icons. You can find them via Google, copy and file in pictures/images folder for easy access.

Icons Posts 5.png

Step 2:  Right click and copy the desired Icon.

icon post 3.png

Step 3: Right Click on a folder and pull up “Get info” – it will look like this. Right-click on the small folder next to the name and paste the copy of your selected icon.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 7.21.38 PM.png

Step 4: Viola! Your document folders now have a personality of their own!

Icon Post 6.png

It’s a good way to organize those pesky boring files, but I must warn you. The process can be very addicting. Happy organizing!


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Another Great Tool for Writers

We’ve all used Google maps to get from point A to point B, but have you ever considered using it as a writing research tool?

Neither had I,  until reading the guest post on Writer Unboxed by Camille Di Maio.  

Remembering details is not my strong point. My brain seems to have more holes in it than a sieve, and my memory is worse than a gnat’s life span.

I didn’t inherit the sense of direction gene, either. I’d get lost in my driveway. So, as you can imagine, having access to the right tools can make all the difference. It’s the same when writing.

Whether the location and setting of your novel are imaginary or based on a familiar place, details do matter.

Think about the things you can do with Google Maps – Visualize streets, intersections, terrain, transit routes, lakes, and rivers and you can see all of it via satellite, live, or in 3-D. Now, we’re talking!

Let your imagination run wild; happy researching and be sure to check out Camille’s post, Google Maps the Writing Tool that No One Knows About



I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Join the conversation. Talk to me or tell me your story. I’m all ears.