Do You Find The Submission Process Stressful?

SylvesterI don’t know about you but submitting my work has become very time-consuming, confusing, and stressful. The sheer number of journals, magazines, and contests from which to choose is overwhelming. Where to start? Which one is the best fit for me?

In the past, I’ve used Duotrope, NewPages, and The Review Review to help narrow my selections, but hell, by the time I get through reading and researching, I’ve missed the deadlines. And, it seems I’m not alone feeling so frustrated with the process.

In the June issue of the Literary Hub, Erika Dreifus discusses the submission process and provides a list of 13 questions to ask before submitting to any literary journal. You can read her article and the questions, here.

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What methodology or resources do you use when deciding where to submit? Share your pointers with us.

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