Maybe Another Word for Indecision

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Don’t you hate it when someone puts you on the spot with an unexpected invitation? I do and like many people tend to fall back on the old reliable, “Maybe.”

It’s a word (answer) we believe will help get us out of making a decision or a commitment we’re certain, in the back of our minds, we aren’t, can’t, or won’t  keep. We don’t want to hurt feelings so,  “Maybe” gives us a way out. Only, it’s not a way out; it’s indecision.

“Decision is a sharp knife that cuts clean and straight. Indecision a dull one that hacks and tears and leaves ragged edges behind it.” Gordon Graham Tweet this

Now, I’m not preaching to the choir or holding myself up as a decision guru. When I worked, my decisions were quick and decisive, but take me out to dinner and this is what my decisions look like.”Maybe” has be2011-05-10-at-a-restaurant-minen my fall guy for many years.

“Maybe” has been my fall guy for many times. But, here’s the thing, it also leaves jagged edges behind.

Invitations stop, projects lay unfinished, and feelings are hurt. As I’ve gotten older, I do my best, to be honest with myself and say, “no” instead of “maybe.”  It isn’t always easy, but I have encouragement from one of my all-time favorite resources – a book by Manuel J. Smith, Ph.D.

When I say no, I feel guilty.  Since the day I discovered this book, I have kept it close by for easy access and referral. The very from page includes a Bill of Assertive Rights.

“You have the right to say, really No, without feeling guilty.” Manuel J. Smith Ph.D. Tweet this

The next time you’re tempted to say “maybe” want to say, “No” – be true to yourself; you have that right.

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Predictable? Maybe

The Daily Post Prompt: Unpredictable“behaving or occurring in a way that is not expected.”

Not likely; most who know me will tell you I’m very predictable. I keep my house clean enough one would think the Queen of England was visiting. My kids will tell you I can never keep their Christmas or birthday presents a secret, and I’m an obsessive planner and list maker.

My husband would say, besides being the most opinionated and challenging woman he’s ever met, I have no sense of direction. My sisters will tell you I’m an uncompromising conservative, among other things, but I’ll leave those adjectives to your imagination. Yet, I’m a complete fly-by-the-pants writer – go figure.

To be honest, they’re all correct – to a point. I’ll admit preferring the known to the unknown.Predictability gives me a sense of safety in a world that’s growing increasingly uncertain and unsafe by the day. Give me a map, my lists, instructions, or detailed plans any day. I’ve had my share of unpredictability, and I don’t like it.

However, I’m open to other opinions and words of wisdom, see for yourself:

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