Morning Pages: Black Friday

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It is Black Friday and the official Christmas holiday shopping season has begun. I swear it gets earlier every year. I don’t have my decorations up yet, I’m sure many of you do. I’m old fashioned, preferring to get through one holiday before starting on the next one. At my age, hurrying time along is not something I’m eager to do.

And besides, I’m still hung over from all the turkey and dressing from yesterday, which if you’re out shopping today might be a good thing.  You’ll need the nourishment to withstand all the crowds and long lines. I hear it’s a madhouse out there and patience can run thin when you’re being elbowed and shoved by complete strangers.

English: DC USA, Target, Black Friday

Whether you choose to stay in or venture into the crazy crowds today, remember to keep things into perspective. The chances you will find the bargain you want at the price they promised is about the same as being able to step right up to the cash register with no waiting. Not gonna happen.

So, relax, enjoy the company you’re with, and have fun shopping. Black Friday only happens once a year, thank God!

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