The Magic of Bubbles

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Five Sentence Fiction: Bubbles

Miranda wiped the sweat from his small bony brow, cringing with each labored rattle as if she were the one struggling to breathe.

She prayed to God to give him strength as his birdlike chest played sonorous vibrations against her hand.

He turned away from the nebulizer, “I can’t.”

She pulled the bottle with its tiny wand from her purse, and began to blow filling the room with translucent, glistening shells of hope.

His eyes fluttered open in childish wonderment as she lifted him, lowered the wand and watched his breath growing stronger with each magical blow.

The Sting of Truth

Five Sentence Fiction – Scorching

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She knew her story would raise eyebrows and stir controversy.

The story needed telling no matter how many people might squirm; the truth had a way of doing that.

She expected mixed reviews, but the scorching reprimand from her closest friend caught her by surprise.

“Skeletons should stay buried, not pulled from the grave of past sins and used as a legacy of shame over people,” her friend scolded.

“Let the chips fall where they may; this is my story, my experience, my truth to tell, so let the squirming begin.”