Man Tantrum

Photo Prompt: Friday Fictioneers @ rochellewisoff 

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Meg, angry for letting things get so heated, threw the dishcloth on the counter. She pulled the curtain aside and watched the intensity in which her husband attacked the tree; wielding his new chainsaw like a magic wand. Her heart softened as she watched the muscles in his back tighten and glistening beads of sweat plastered his shirt against chiseled features. A more hardheaded man didn’t exist, but then, there wasn’t another man alive who worked harder or loved her more. She grabbed two cold bottles from the fridge and stepped outside; their stupid argument already forgotten.



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The Gift of Another Day

Millie stood at the window and stared into the early morning mist. This was her favorite time of the day when the quiet awakening of the world enveloped her like a soft blanket of hope.

She smiled as the sun began its rise over the distant hills. As if from the hand of God, prism like tentacles of light stretched through her window and brushed her cheek.

Renewed in spirit and strength, she ran a hand over her bald head, felt the first hint of new growth, and said a prayer of thanks for another day.