Making Connections


It isn’t news to anyone, the last year and a half has been trying, isolating, confusing, and damn right depressing. We’ve had to acquiesce, adjust, change … whatever – pick a verb – to a different way of life.

I’m not here to discuss the pros, cons, or any of the contradictions, theories, or suppositions about where we all now find ourselves, but to talk about a few observations.

People are crying out for connections.

It’s funny after turning into a society that has forgotten how to read facial expressions and largely communicates through text & emojis, we find ourselves craving to see each other and have a real conversation.

The masks, whatever you believe about their merits have robbed us of the very things we took for granted. They obscure the most important part of us in which we communicate – our facial expressions, a smile, a grimace, a frown, or a look of pleasure.

Suddenly, I find myself focusing on the eyes – the window to the soul as they say. I listen harder because words are muffled behind masks. I watch for a furrowed brow, brimming, squinted, or narrowed eyes. I listen to the tone of their voice. Is it pitched, low, loving, angered, or just tired?

I’ve become an active listener. We all have out of necessity.

On occasion, I meet someone without a mask. I don’t rush to judgment or ask about their vaccination status. I’m not afraid but thrilled to see a face and 99% of the time, a smiling face, eager to converse greets me back. I smile and speak and they respond. There’s an openness, a hunger to connect and we do.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a stranger in an elevator, on the street, in a store, or a nail salon – I feel an immediate connection. Sometimes, it’s brief and sometimes it stretches into minutes or hours. It’s as if neither of us wants it to end. It’s been so long, but we’re paying attention now. We’re looking for those opportunities. We’re really listening; not twiddling with our phones, or distracted. We’re hanging on to that moment of human-to-human connection as if by a thread.

These are difficult times, but we need each other. We need to connect, look each other in the eye, focus on the words we exchange, the stories we share, and cherish every connection.

We are not each other’s adversaries. We don’t all march to the same tune, but we are all the same and our connections make the world a better place.

We’re all in this together. Don’t ride it out in fear or alone. You’re not alone. We’re all right here, ready and eager to make connections.



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When Life Hands You Lemons


You may have noticed a few new items on the Cow Pasture Chronicles header and sidebar – specifically, CPC Contributors. Already, I have two wonderful authors who plan over the next few months to share their thoughts and expertise with all of you. Jean Cogdell and  Granonine. If you’re unfamiliar with these authors, you can find out more about them by reading their Bios listed in the sidebar.

So, why am I recruiting contributors to the Cow Pasture

  1. I believe others expertise, stories, and words benefit us all.
  2. It’s an opportunity to meet new authors and writers.
  3. Contributors will provide a more expansive knowledge base.
  4. But, I gotta be honest with you; the biggest reason I’m recruiting contributors is to help me out during a tough time ahead. Let me explain.

When Life Hands You Lemons – Make Lemonade

Beginning December 1st, I will be away from the Cow Pasture for a few months. I will be having thumb replacement/carpal tunnel surgery on my dominant hand. That means, writing on anything is not going to happen. The recovery will be extensive, complicated, and long.

You are important to me. I hope you’ve gained something by following and it’s important that I not just disappear quietly into the night. Of course, those who know me understand that’s never going to happen – :-).

Here’s my Plan

  1. I’ll schedule as many posts ahead of time as possible.
  2. You may see a few older posts – which is not a bad idea; not every reader will have had the opportunity to see some of those.
  3. And, you will have the opportunity to read from my guest bloggers.

I’m asking for your help.

If any of you are interested in participating as a CPC Contributor, please check out the links at the top of my page. Joining the Cow Pasture Chronicles Team will give you the opportunity to broaden your audience and meet new people.

For those of you wondering what the surgery is all about, I’ve provided a video link –  be forewarned – the video is graphic; after all it’s surgery. So, before you click, make sure you have the stomach.

To My Readers:

Thank you for being a faithful follower. I appreciate each one of you and have learned as much from you as I hope you’ve learned from me. I hope you will hang around, continue to jump over the fence and take a stroll through the Cow Pasture – you may be surprised the treasures awaiting.

Join the Cow Pasture Chronicles TeamI’d love to have you on board.

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