What Are Your Goals?

Blogging 201: Set Three Goals  
First things first: let’s set some goals and plan for success.

I’ve just begun another course from The Daily Post, Blogging 201. Our first assignment is to review our blog with a critical eye and set three goals. 

I began blogging in 2009 after the death of my best friend. Friendship of a Lifetime, became a place to journal thoughts and opinions related to friendship and loss. As I began to write, I decided it was a great opportunity for me to share my journey and thus, Cow Pasture Chronicles was created.

At the time, followers were not my focus, but learning and growing in the craft of writing. I shared things I thought would be helpful to other writers, as well as some of my own fiction, essays and opinion pieces. I was thrilled when I began receiving ping backs, mentions, followers and comments. Now I would like to sharpen  focus (brand) of Cow Pasture Chronicles. To begin this process I have written three goals:


1) Post weekly.  In the past, I haven’t  been consistent.

2) Establish a regular feature by the middle of November. Blogging 101 suggested this, but I haven’t decided which feature I want.  Right now, it’s between a weekly feature on, Writing (how-to’s), Opinion pieces (based on current affairs), or a Fiction Gallery (Showcasing not only my fiction but others who wish to share).

3) Network and connect more with my followers by reading and commenting. I have been working on this since Blogging 101, but I can do better. I believe successful networking and communication with other bloggers will foster more traffic and additional followers.

I have additional goals, but this is a good start. Have you set new goals?goal-setting-in-action-1024x817