Black Thursday

I am happy to admit, my Christmas shopping is done and every gift wrapped! I know, some of you are envious, others think I’m a bit type A (maybe a little). But here is the truth. I can’t stand Black Friday, oh wait I meant Black Thursday! Yep, our generous retailers are doing us a favor – moving Black Friday to Thursday, Thanksgiving night no less. The one day families like to gather and show thanks for all life has brought, is this year turning into a race for the bargain. To hell with giving thanks. I’ll be thankful after I elbow my way to that great savings deal on the shelf.  It’s a scam.

According to Tiffany Hsu of the LA Times, “The weekend is crowded with misleading promotions, including deceptive discounts off misstated “original” prices and deals that could have been had a year earlier, according to NerdWallet.”

 And Suzanne Kapner of The Wall Street Journal explains it well in her article, The Dirty Secret of Black Friday Discounts

We, dear consumers have been duped. I’ve been backing away from Black Friday for several years but when it became Black Thursday, I said, “Enough.”  I know some will say, “I love it. I get up at 3:00 am and it’s a blast, puts me in the Christmas spirit.”

  Yeah…if one considers obnoxious, belligerent, elbowing, rude-ass people fighting over toys or parking spaces a mood setter for Christmas. More power to you.

Me? I shall be kicking my heels up on the ottoman, in front of a fire, and enjoying a hot hottie or two.

Oh, might I suggest you wear extra padding, those elbows get pretty sharp.

Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening PostOkay, perhaps I should call this the Saturday Evening Post, but I have a good excuse. I have been gone all day; hell, I don’t think I’ve stopped all weekend. I should get a medal for starting a new blog on Thanksgiving weekend! I don’t usually get out on Black Friday either, but my daughter was home from Washington, so what can I say… It was a long day. Mission accomplished. 

 After a wonderful day with family, feasting till our bellies ached, I spent a fun filled afternoon playing in our family’s annual Thanksgiving corn-hole tournament. It has been a busy and productive weekend and I’m happy to say I can now, check a few items off my to-d0-list.

  1.  Thanksgiving dinner (no drama) – check!
  2.  Safe arrival of daughter – check!
  3.  Successful corn-hole tournament – check!
  4.  Completed my Christmas shopping – check! 
  5.  Finished my critiques – check!
  6.  Morning Posts – check!

My list is still long but I’m getting there. How about yours? Do you use a list to help stay focused? Leave me a comment or reply. Tell me what keeps you focused.