Stories to Share and Author Highlights

Time to ShareIt’s time again to showcase writers and their stories. I read many publications and when I find a story that moves me, makes laugh, or stays with me for days – I like to share it with everyone.

First up are two authors from Carver Magazine, Summer 2016.

Restoration by Ann Joslin Williams – She is the author of the novel Down From Cascom Mountain, the short story collection The Woman in The Woods, which won the Spokane Prize for Short Fiction, and the  director of the MFA Program in Writing at the University of New Hampshire. (Carver Magazine).

Daughters by Tayler Heuston – Taylor received her MFA from North Carolina State University. The winner of the 2015 Kore Press Short Fiction Award, her fiction has appeared in At Length MagazineTwo Serious Ladies, and NANO Fiction. (Carver Magazine).

From Oxford American Magazine – BLAISE ST. CLAIR By  Rebecca Wells. She is the author of one of my all time favorite books and movies, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. The story I’m sharing today is an excerpt from her novel in progress,  Blaise St. Clair’s Book of Being, (Oxford American Magazine).

I loved this story and if this line doesn’t intrigue you, nothing will.

“When Blaise St. Clair was able to breathe past her fear, the conversations were as gorgeous and as fragile as monarch butterflies at dusk on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They were lamentations. They were lullabies. They were reveilles.” 

A Shirt Tale By Supie DunbarWOW 2016 Flash Fiction, Runner up. I liked this story. Sometimes we need a sign, a bit of encouragement to make us do something, even if it’s an empty shirt.

Supie became a writer after she retired. Her poetry and flash fiction are published in print  (Vine Leaves Literary JournalBlotterature Literary Magazine) and online (A Quiet CourageThe Voices Project).

If you enjoyed these stories as much as I did, please share your thoughts with the authors and pass them on for others to enjoy. Don’t forget to check out the Call for Submissions in the sidebar. Maybe your story will be the next one I highlight. How did you like the stories?

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Queries Can Make Your Knees Shake

Day 17 :  #atozchallenge

Writing a query for the first time can make your knees shake and tremble, or so I’ve heard.

What is a query?

It is a letter of communication pitching either a short form or long form manuscript to a publisher or agent. Short forms include magazine articles, short stories, or poems. Long form – novels, screenplays, non-fiction books, or a collection.

What does a query include?

Essential components of a successful query should include these three things.

  1. The hook – a one-sentence summary of the book.
  2. The pitch – 2 to 3 paragraphs which support your hook and should include who (the protagonist), what (the conflict they face), where (setting), when (time frame), why (stakes) and resolution.
  3. A bio – one paragraph or less, to describe your writing credits and platform.

I had the privilege of working on the query for my first novel with Luke Reynolds, author of Keep Calm and Query On (perfect title). His input and direction were invaluable. 415aJ0aVUiL

Where to send it:

Finding the correct agency to send your query will take some research. You want to make sure you’re sending your query to the correct agency and agent. Visit Barnes & Nobles, the library or Amazon and check out books similar to yours. Knowing the competition is key to getting your query and book to the right person and place. And remember, always address the agent by name, never “To Whom it may concern.”

To find the agents best suited for your book, check out Writer’s Market and Land a Literary Agent

Are you ready to query? Want to know more about writing the perfect Query? Stay calm and check out these resources.

If you want to know more about Luke , check out his guest blog for the Cow Pasture Chronicles. You can check it out here: Walking the Walls of a Writer’s Life.

I’d love to hear your comments. Talk to me. Tell me your story and look for me on Facebook at SheilaMGood,  PinterestBloglovinTwitter@sheilamgood, and Contently.