Stories to Share and Author Highlights

It's time again to showcase writers and their stories. I read many publications and when I find a story that moves me, makes laugh, or stays with me for days - I like to share it with everyone. First up are two authors from Carver Magazine, Summer 2016. Restoration by Ann Joslin Williams - She is … Continue reading Stories to Share and Author Highlights


Queries Can Make Your Knees Shake

Day 17 :  #atozchallenge Writing a query for the first time can make your knees shake and tremble, or so I’ve heard. What is a query? It is a letter of communication pitching either a short form or long form manuscript to a publisher or agent. Short forms include magazine articles, short stories, or poems. Long form … Continue reading Queries Can Make Your Knees Shake

Forget About Getting Rich

via The Average Earnings of Authors | A Writer's Path and Guest post contributed by Sara Wolf at the Blooming Twig. The Blooming Twig is an independent publishing house that also produces writing blog posts. For more information, check out the Blooming Twig and A Writer's Path.  A big thanks to Ryan Lanz and Sara Wolf for bursting … Continue reading Forget About Getting Rich

Learn How Writers Do It

A treasured pastime, I've been reading since early childhood. My mother belonged to the Book of the Month Club, and each month I couldn't wait to see what selections she'd ordered. By the time I was a teenager, my sisters and I were devouring books like candy. Instead of plopping in front of the television after school I raced to my … Continue reading Learn How Writers Do It