Fall Leaves

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By Sheila M. Good

The weight of Kayla’s backpack was nothing compared to the disappointment of finding Ben with Selma. God, she felt stupid. She kicked the leaves covering the path, unaware of the muffled footsteps behind her.

He came from nowhere pulling her into the deserted park. She didn’t have the chance to scream. He threw her backpack to the ground scattering leaves like colorful confetti.
“Strip,” he said.

The ground, like the steel blade of his knife, felt cold against her skin.

Kayla squeezed her eyes, dug her nails into the bed of leaves, and prayed for an early spring.

Bio: Sheila M. Good is a writer from South Carolina. Her work has appeared in Blasting News, Angie’s Diary, Every Writer’s Resource, Every Day Fiction, Downer Magazine, WOW – The Muffin. She’s been featured on the No Extra Words Podcast, and

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Meet Episode 35 Contributor Sheila M. Good

Thanks to No Extra Words

No Extra Words

Sheila keeps one of my favorite blogs, the Cow Pasture Chronicles, which gets its name from her childhood growing up in the Smoky Mountains and journaling next to the creek in the cow pasture behind her house.

Sheila Good is both a fiction and non-fiction writer. Her stories and essays reflect her Southern roots and the people and events that shaped her life. The author of the blog, Cow Pasture Chronicles (http://cowpasturechronicles.com), her work has been featured in various publications, including Every Day Fiction (http://everydayfiction.com), Every Writers Resource Short Stories (http://www.everywritersresource.com/shortstories), and Angie’s Diary (https://angiesdiary.com). A member of the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop, Sheila resides in South Carolina and is completing her first novel, Hello Hell.

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