Why You Need a Theme – And How It Can Kill Your Writing

When I began writing my novel, theme was not a conscious part of the early drafts. But, as I wrote the theme naturally evolved.
P.S. Hoffman points out, …”theme will help you find exactly where you need to end your writing, be it fictional, or other.”

P. S. Hoffman

This was the last thing Swen said to me, before he jumped off the cliff: “I’m going to do something that you will never forget. Witness me.”

As he fell upon the war band, I watched as a car, covered in spikes, collided with his body. I watched as the explosives fell from his hand, undetonated, and his body impaled on the car’s spear-covered hood.

But Swen died with a smile on his silver-stained lips. And he did not die in vain.

Weeks passed, the brothers were killed, and the fortress fell, but still, I could not rid myself of Swen’s dying words. It was only after the water began to run again, when the sanded bluffs turned from red to green did I fully realize Swen’s message.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Need a Theme – And How It Can Kill Your Writing

    • I agree as does P.S. Hoffman, “But when you are obsessed with your message, you endanger your writing. Swen, intent on a glorious death, died like a fool. You, too, can kill your writing, if you are too heavy handed with your theme.”

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