A Mother’s Day Message to My Daughters

Mother’s Day, the traditional time, of year when children of all ages honor their mother through cards, flowers, or special dinners. Receiving such recognition is always a blessing and much appreciated, but on this Mother’s Day, I have something to say to my daughters.

The minute I realized your tiny heart was beating inside of me, my life changed forever, even my world looked different. Everything I did or hoped to do, from the clothes I bought to my career path, centered on the underlying anthem, how will this make my children’s lives better?

Almost thirty-eight years ago God blessed me with two precious daughters. It seems like only yesterday you were young and clingy, wanting mom to make it all better. Happy to wrap my arms around you, kiss your wounds and whisper, “Mommy’s here,” I admit I miss those days, but time stops for no one.

You’ve both grown into smart, strong, beautiful, and independent women, of whom I am very proud. And, although you don’t need, me as much as you once did to kiss away skinned knees or hurt feelings. On this Mother’s Day, I want you to remember I will always be here.

My sweet girls, being your mother brought me a lifetime of joy and has been the greatest honor of my life. Given the chance, I would do it all over again.

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