prayingThere is less Christmas joy in the air, this week. The merry season is forever tainted. Our nation is still reeling from the tragedy that unfolded, two days ago, in Newton Connecticut. We can’t wrap our heads around the insanity of such an act against innocent children. That it happened so close to Christmas, a time families cherish with their children, only adds to the horror. And, we are all left asking “Why?

The truth is, there is no “why.” There is no “one” explanation for why bad things happen to good people. I wish there were, and then we could stop it, eradicate it.

These parent’s will be grieving for a long time. They have every right to scream to the Heavens,  “Why?” I can only imagine their grief and pain. I pray for them every night.

But, the politicians and lobbyists shouldn’t try to answer that question for these families by promoting their own agenda’s. They should leave them alone.

There may come a time when one or more of the families choose to take up a cause in the name of their child, but that should be, must be, their choice, not a choice driven by the media or politics.

This is not about gun control, violence in Hollywood, the music industry and their influence, or how inept our nation is at helping the mentally ill. These issues are important and worth discussing, but NOT NOW.

This is about 26 innocent victims, 20 of them children killed less than two weeks before Christmas. For those families and surviving siblings, Christmas will never be the same. For journalists and politicians  to exploit these grieving families to further their own agendas, is but another tragedy.

It is up to us, society, and to those close to the families to help them as best we can by offering our prayers, words of comfort, and help protect them from opportunistic journalists and politicians. Tell them to let these families grieve in peace.

To the families of Newton Connecticut, you are in my prayers.


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