I Hope I Nudged Your world

 This is In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Last Words.”  (Cow Pasture Chronicles isn’t going anywhere) 🙂

reikland_paper-1 - Version 4I don’t know quite how to say this, but this is my last post. I toyed with the idea of just disappearing, knowing  you would stop visiting, eventually. I imagined my fellow fence jumpers climbing back over the fence in search of greener pastures, and becoming a distant memory or even forgotten.

But, something stopped me. First of all, I have always believed words matter. The words we say, write, and share have great potential to touch those around us. They can mend fences, relationships, encourage, delight and sometimes hurt. But, how sad the world would be without words.

Secondly, I pray the words I’ve shared will be a legacy, of sorts, for those I leave behind. Perhaps, my grandchildren, or their children’s children will get to know me and be inspired. Maybe not, but a woman can hope.

It is with great sadness to know my journey is over, but what a journey it has been. I pray that somewhere along the way, I touched you, inspired you, or gave you a moment’s respite. I know being a part of this community of writers changed my world. So,thank you.