Short Story Collections – A Good Investment?

word-cloud-compressorI realize it’s been a few days since my last post, but I’ve been busy working on a short story collection. At present, the collection is out to beta readers which has given me time to toy with cover designs (via Canva) as well as consulting with profession designers.

This is my first foray into self-publishing, and while I’m excited about the prospect, I’ve also discovered the process can be costly, especially when you factor in ISBN’s, Editors, and cover designers (if you choose to go the professional route).

Which brings me to my question – Is it a worthwhile investment?

Short story collections are a huge category on Amazon, ranging from literary, romance, erotica, Christian to crime. You’ll find collections and singles from classic authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald,  Mark Twain, and Ernest Hemingway, to name a few and a large selection of Kindle Singles and Kindle Short Reads listed by reading times (from 15 minutes to 2 hours or more). How cool is that?

In doing my research, prices ranged from free to $9.99 for the Kindle version with other formats running as high as $22.47.

Now, I’m no Fitzgerald or Hemingway and probably won’t break even for a long time to come, but it’s not about the money – it’s about sharing my stories.

I’ll tell you more about my short story collection in the coming weeks but in the meantime, here’s a hint.

“Darkness dwells within even the best of us. In the worst of us, darkness not only dwells but reigns.”Dean Koontz  (Tweet This).

What do you think? Short story collections- are they a good investment?

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You Asked: 7 Things You Can do to Identify Your Genre

Welcome to another, You Asked, the Experts Answer, segment. This week ‘s question is: How do I know If I’ve chosen the right genre?  

Choosing a genre is something many writers struggle with and the biggest reason is being  unfamiliar with the different genres. Unfamiliarity breeds confusion, which in turn makes it difficult to know which to choose.

Whether you plan to self-publish or go the traditional route, selecting the right genre is essential for success. After all, you want people to find your book.

Why is Genre so Important?

  1. It gives you clarity for pitching to the right agents.
  2. It’s how the publishing world will view your work.
  3. It’s easier to find your target audience.
  4. Makes it easier for readers to find your book.
  5. Helps you write a succinct pitch.
  6. Helps the industry know how to market your book.

7  Easy Steps to Find Your Genre

  1. Ask yourself: What readers would like my story? What books are similar to mine?
  2. Review Amazon’s bestseller list and check out the list of genre’s.
  3. Go to your neighborhood bookstore, look at where the books are shelved. Fantasy? Mystery?
  4. Select five-six books and  read the descriptions; make a note of the core story in each. What stands out?
  5. Look at titles – can you determine the genre?
  6. On what shelf do you see your book?
  7. Know what your story is about and be able to verbalize it in a succinct manner.

The Downside of Getting it Wrong

  1. You will get rejected and your book will end up in the slush file.
  2. You won’t know how to market your book, which in turn makes it hard to sell.
  3. You’ll miss  your target audience and, likewise, they will miss your book.
  4. Getting it wrong will make agents think twice about you and your work.

We all want to see our books on Amazon or our local bookstore shelves. But, in order to do that, we must not only write a compelling story but know who our audience is and choose the correct genre. For more information, check out these great resources for writers on writing in your genre.


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  5. How to Pick the Right Genre for Your Novel

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