Free 5 Part Video Series on The Story Grid

I just finished an amazing five-part video series on the craft of story editing, by Shawn CoyneThe Story Grid. It is one of the most informative series I’ve seen to date. In addition to the videos, free  downloads and full transcripts are available.

Click here to download all five videos. Buy  the book here or on  Amazon.

“Story Grids inspire writers by showing them exactly how the literary masters structured their masterpieces. Creating a Story Grid for your own work will literally show you exactly how your Story works.  Seeing a novel from start to finish is an indispensable editorial tool.”           

Anatomy of a Best-Selling Story—Structure Part One

I’m  between one of those “by the seat of my pants writers” and a plotter. This is an excellent reminder. No matter what you’re building, foundation and structure matters. Thanks for another great post.

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Structure Matters Structure Matters

Writers must understand structure if they hope to be successful. Yes, it might take five years to finish the first novel, but if we land a three book deal, we don’t have 15 years to turn in our books. Also, in the new paradigm of publishing, writers who produce more content have greater odds of making money at this writing thing.

Understanding structure helps us become faster, cleaner, better writers. Structure is essential to all stories, from screenplays to novels to epic space operas.

Plotters tend to do better with structure, but even pantsers (those writers who write by the seat of their pants) NEED to understand structure or revisions will be HELL. Structure is one of those boring topics like finance or taxes. It isn’t nearly as glamorous as creating characters or reading about ways to unleash our creative energy.

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I’ve run my 20 page Death Star Critique…

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