What “Nashville” Can Teach Us about Writing

Someone told me once I began writing, I’d never be able to sit through a movie or television drama without dissecting the plot. They were right.

A few days ago, I watched the latest episode (9) of one of my favorite shows – Nashville. The plot blew me away and left me in a puddle of tears.

For those Nashville fans who haven’t watched it yet and are reading this – heads-up – spoilers ahead.

This episode was the most seamless example of good script writing, I’ve seen in a while. I could easily pick out, the goal, conflicts, raising tensions, foreshadowing events, and subplots. My own anxiety increased as the scenes unfolded and the subtle bits of foreshadowing lead me slowly toward the inevitable and unexpected ending (disaster).

The episode was one of the most believable and emotional scenes I’ve ever watched on a screen. It was heartbreaking and powerful.

What Can Nashville Teach Us?

To write scenes that pull our audience (readers) in through genuine emotions, realistic problems (conflicts), seamless subplots, and disasters/dilemmas that leave them breathless from chapter to chapter.

A Sneak Peek Inside Episode 9:

Watch with tissue box by your side.


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