Gratitude a Too Often Missing Ingredient

We all look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving. It’s a favorite holiday for most everyone I know. I mean, what’s not to like? Turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet potato casserole,  green beans, pecan pie, and the lists of mouth-watering foods go on and on.

We gorge ourselves on great food and conversation, but by the time our meal is over we’re on to the next thing – specifically, Black Friday and grabbing up all those wonderful deals for Christmas! We have lists made and our plans laid out in detail from what time to start out to the stores to hit first.

Yet, during all of this Thanksgiving preparation and activity, we tend to leave out the most essential ingredient – genuine gratitude. 

In all the hustle and bustle, we forget that the reason we are able to sit around a beautifully decorated table with food from end to end is that we are blessed.

We are blessed with the freedom to pray as we wish, to love those we choose, and a rich and prosperous nation.

We are blessed with a roof over our heads in which to present such a bountiful spread; blessed to have family and friends to in which we share this bounty. We are blessed with health, happiness, and a warm fire to sit by as the evening draws nigh.

So, this Thanksgiving let us truly be thankful when we gather together around the table. Share laughter, fond memories, and the love of gratitude we hold in our hearts for each other.

Happy Thanksgiving and may you and your family be blessed in abundance now and in the coming year.

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