Free Writing Summit

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I’ve always wanted to attend a writing conference, retreat, or classes. Unfortunately, I could never quite manage the time away or the expense. Well, here’s a chance we can all “buy” into from the comfort of our homes and best of all – it’s FREE.

The second annual 2019 Women in Publishing Summit, sponsored by Thinkific and hosted by Alexa Bigwarfe. Live events will be broadcast on the Women in Publishing Summit Facebook page.  The summit begins March 4 – 8, 2019 – tickets are Free. 

On the agenda, The Value of Highly Contentious Topics in Fiction and how these hot topics sell books. Additional topics covered include:

  •  Day 1: The Big picture of Your Book.
  • Day 2: Your Path to Publishing and Mindset.
  • Day 3: Production, Distribution, Legal, Editing, Design, Taxes, Copyright, and so on.
  • Day 4: Book launch Strategies and Marketing
  • Day 5: Tools and Resources for Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Your Book.

Check out all the participating speakers and register here.

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Your Chance to Celebrate With Me

Birthdays, once upon a time, were fun. Not so much anymore. However, looking on the bright side of this birthday, I’m still on the right side of the grass or in this case – Fall leaves.

Considering that little upside (pun intended), I’ve decided to let you celebrate with me. Instead, of receiving gifts, I’m giving you one.

In honor of my #?  Birthday, I’m giving away free copies of my Short Story Collection, Maybe Next Time – Stories of Murder, Justice, & Revenge.

Get your FREE  KINDLE copy of beginning today, November 27,  through December 1, 2017.  Enjoy for yourself or give it as a gift! As always, reviews are appreciated.

I’d love to hear what you thought. Talk to me. I’m all ears and look for me on Facebook at SheilaMGood,  PinterestBloglovinTwitter@sheilamgood, Contently, and Instagram. You can follow my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.