Pay it Forward


I’m surprised and  honored. My blog has been nominated  for the  Very Inspiring Blog Award and I’d like to pay it forward. 

I’m up every morning around six o’clock. The smell of hot coffee permeates the air as my oldest Bichon dances around my feet ready to start our morning routine.


It takes his sister, Piper a little longer. She’s still snuggled underneath the covers where she’s managed to wiggle her way in, the same way she wiggled her way into our lives some four years ago. We still can’t resist those adoring dark eyes staring at us, especially, in the wee hours of the morning.

My husband sleeps while the three of us walk out to grab the morning paper. They get a doggie biscuit, I get coffee, and we settle in front of the fire to catch up on the latest news.


But, headlines are the same they were the day, week and month before. Stories of the dreaded fiscal cliff, threat of nuclear weapons, or the ongoing clashes between the political parties long after the election, cover every page. I stop reading, and close the newspaper on the never-ending rhetoric.

It’s Christmas! Time for joy and inspiration.

Elizabeth Cutright has been a tremendous source of inspiration for me. It was through   becoming acquainted with The Daily Creative Writer, and the many other talented bloggers that Morning Pages from the Cow Pasture Chronicles, sprang to life.

My blog, Cow Pasture Chronicles focuses on the how-to’s of  writing while Sheila’s Morning Pages is my chance to share my words and stories. Perhaps, one such story, Christmas Magic, was the reason my blog came to be nominated for this special honor. It appears my seven-year-old granddaughter, Mallory, has touched many hearts and I’m happy to have shared it with you all.

I challenge you to Pay it forward. Write a good story and share it with others.

Now to the business end of the award nomination:

  • I’m southern born and raised and I love sweet tea with lemon and lots of ice.
  • I was climber as child; my exploits included the ironing board, the refrigerator, and the top of the frame of a house being built. I was three years old. My mother and the builder talked me down.
  • I’m a Registered Nurse by profession but have long been retired.
  • I spent half of my career delivering babies and the other half as a transplant coordinator for the American Red Cross bone and tissue program, and Administration; Polar opposites.
  • One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited has been the Grand Canyon. I rode all the way on a mule and saw the handiwork of God.
  • I collected clowns, dolls, and figurines for years. The clown and the character behind the face intrigued me. I eventually packed them away when my daughters reached an age they found them creepy.
  • And, although I love uplifting stories, my favorite genre is crime thrillers.

Blogs I nominate: 

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Words Have Power


White HouseI’ve always believed words had the power to move people and nowhere was this more than this past week. Words have power. Spin them the right way, target  the right audience and they have the power to sway the election for the of President of the United States.

Although I was rooting for the other guy and didn’t like the tactics used, I had to hand it to them. Their words had power and moved people.

After getting over my disappointment, I thought about what they’d done, tailoring each ad and story to each target audience. Which brings me to writing, Isn’t  that what we want our stories to do?

But, let me be clear, I’m not recommending you emulate the campaign journalists and their spin, unless you’re writing bizarre fantasy. I recommend writing your story with words that will move with POWER, intensity, integrity, and authenticity.

Stories can move us to tears, or anger, make us gasp in horror, keep us up at night or make our bellies hurt from laughing out loud. It’s our job as writers to make sure we’ve done our homework, understand our audience, and tell the best story we can with imagery that places our readers in the story, with engaging dialogue, and characters that jump off the page.

As writers we have our target audiences, our genres. We share our books and stories on blogs, Facebook and Twitter, sell them on Amazon and iBooks and put ourselves out there for others to evaluate. So, make it count. Words have Power.

Leave me a comment.

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