Open Next Christmas

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#162: The first prompt for 2015 is:    … As I put the decorations away I…


Mr. and Mrs. Santa has held an honored place on our Christmas tree for more than thirty years.

Santa’s foot tends to dangle while skin colored fabric pokes through Mrs. Santa’s hair.

As I put the decorations away, I savor the memories of  Christmases past and grieve the loss of the future.

Placing the tiny figures into the box marked, Open next Christmas, I send them to on where new memories are waiting to be made.

To my daughter,

In my absence, Mr. and  MRS. santa bring lots of love and a lifetime of memories.

I love you,


Hello Friend

English: Canoe Beach sunset (Canoe, BC, Canada)

English: Canoe Beach sunset (Canoe, BC, Canada) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I sit curled up in my blanket on the beach chair, a cup of hot coffee warming my hands, the ocean’s music soothes my soul.

 The last time we were here, we chased umbrellas across the wind blown sand, and laughed until our sides ached.

 We spoke of our children, husbands, memories of old, and dreamed of things yet to live.

Amid the laughter,  we promised to grow old together, and make yearly trips to watch the sun rise and set, but God had other plans.

 I wait, listening as I do every year, to the ocean’s gentle waves, and watch as the sun begins to set, then a beautiful orange glow brightens the sky, just like clock work – “Hello friend.”