Maybe You Don’t Need to Write Every Day

maxine-at-computerI was thrilled to read this post by Annie Scholl. I’ve struggled with the issue of writing daily for a long time. That wasn’t always the case. For years, I wrote every day. Whether  I wrote based on a prompt or on one of my many works in progress, stories filled the pages.

These days? I need someone to tie me to the chair and tape my hands to my laptop. Okay, maybe that’s a bit melodramatic, but you get the point. I’m stuck.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been on medical leave and simply need to get back into a routine. Or, maybe I need to give myself permission not to write. It might serve me well to enjoy the things and people around me for a while. After all, it’s life events that often give us our best stories. So, check Annie’s post and give her a shout-out.

Take it Away Annie:

By Annie L. Scholl I’m not sure how I got the message that I had to write every day to be a “real” writer, but I’ll blame it on Julia Cameron and her book, The Artist’s Way. I read it when it came …

Source: Maybe You Don’t Need to Write Every Day.

What about you? Do you write every day? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Join the conversation. Talk to me or tell me your story. I’m all ears.

8 thoughts on “Maybe You Don’t Need to Write Every Day

  1. Writing every day is still my goal, but I think it needs redefining. There are month-long stretches when I achieve it, but weeks and weeks when I don’t. In fact, I have hardly written at all in March! I think that staying in practice is critical, so regular writing is worthwhile as a goal. However, there are other things to do–sourcing editors, submitting manuscripts, blogging and blogging and blogging—that also contribute toward the ultimate goal. Here, Flash Fiction prize-winner Michelle Rene calls herself a ‘binge-writer’!

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  2. I gave up on writing every day. I tried and tried, but I write in the very early morning before my kids wake up and sometimes, like on a Sunday morning, I just want sleep. So these days I consider 6 days a week a total win. In truth, it’s really more like 5. But hey, that’s still a win.

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