The Truth About Writers and Social Platforms

In her article, Do Fiction Writers REALLY Need a Social Media Platform? Angela from  WOW’s e-zine, The Muffin, finally answers this question and tells me what I’ve longed to hear. Thank God!  Her answer?

“No, you don’t have to participate in social media as a fiction writer.”  (Tweet This

I swear I wanted to kiss her! I’ve heard forever the need for writers to have a platform. So, like many, I signed on to Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. I belong to other sites as well – Tumbler, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Bloglovin to name a few. God, I’m exhausted just typing all these.

I’ll admit I hate trying to keep up with all this social media stuff and writing – it makes me want to pull my hair out!

There are only so many hours in the day, and it’s amazing how quickly they disappear once you sign on to Twitter or Facebook.

So, if you have ideas, please pass them on to me. What do you think? Do writers NEED all these social platforms? Be sure to stop by WOW and give Angela a shout-out.

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19 thoughts on “The Truth About Writers and Social Platforms

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  2. When I first started attending writer conferences that’s all I heard. Then I heard Kevin Brockmeier speak a couple of years ago. He has won numerous national awards, his books consistently make the best seller lists, and in 2007 he was rated as one of the top young authors in America. The man does not have a website, a blog, or a Twitter account. In fact, he told our group he had no internet presence at all.

    I realize he’s probably the exception to the rule, but I know people who spend so much time on social media they don’t have time to write. To me, that defeats the purpose.

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  3. I don’t know if you need all of those different platforms or not, but I do know your fan are going to want a way to communicate with you, and you are going to want a way to get the word out to your friends and followers that you have been published. Michael Hyatt was the CEO for Zondervon, and he said whenever they reviewed new manuscripts, the one question that always came up was–Do they have a platform?

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  4. I’m so glad someone said this. I don’t like social media, but maybe because i’m not of the “younger generation.” I don’t have my face in my phone (or computer or tablet…) 24/7/365. I’ve attempted a few social media platforms. The only one I truly like is my blog where I can post real/full articles relevant to writing when the mood strikes or bits of my other writing. Twitter is a colossal waste of time IMO but I admit I do have spells on occasion where I post a bit. Facebook, is okay, but I’ve found hard to get followers if you don’t spend oodles of time on it posting, liking, and all that. Who’s got the time? Tumblr got hacked (IIRC) so that one’s done for me.
    I’d much rather spend time on my writing and other things that are important to me.

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    • It appears many people share this sentiment, especially me. I simply don’t have time. Facebook has become something other than what I think it was meant to be, as has Twitter. I would rather focus on my blog or other writing. So glad I’m not alone. Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation.

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  5. I dislike it immensely…and the social media takes hours out of my day. But right now, it’s the only way I have to connect with readers and potential readers. So I do it…everyday. I would love to hear of a better option.

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    • I have no real suggestions. I hate it as well. Once you get started it sucks you in like a vortex and before you know it, the day is gone. The only way I can half-way manage it is to time myself. Give 15 mins to Twitter, etc. and the rest of my writing time in 30 minute increments. Hope that helps and thanks for stopping by the Cow Pasture.


  6. Nice post. I have felt that for a long time, however mostly it inspires and keeps you going. Plus, you own posts can be a way of writing, editing, improving, and getting some feed back. I see that were a book reviewer but no longer do this. Can you direct me to a place to submit for a fair review? Or is everyone so busy these days. And I do get that.

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  7. Hi Sheila, well, this is great news to me too! My mind is boggled by the amount of social media work some writers do and I have come to the conclusion that for me that can’t happen. I review on Amazon and Goodreads. I use Twitter to spread around the news about good books I have read and have a Facebook page. I keep telling myself that I will expand my reach through various other platforms but keep going back to the fact that I must devote a very healthy and generous proportion of my time to actual writing. As we all know, even writing isn’t ‘just’ writing; it’s editing, creating blurbs and back matter, covers… The list goes on!
    I find myself in awe of those writers who seem to be everywhere on social media but I do what I can and that has to be enough for me!

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