The Truth About New Year’s Resolutions and Our Do-over-list

Resolutions – “The firm decision to do or not do something.”

Aw, New Year’s Resolutions – that time of year when everyone takes a step back, looks at all they did or did not accomplish and makes a list to do better, starting day one of the new year. I for one hate New Year’s Resolutions.

No matter my good intentions, I never fulfill them. I start out with enthusiasm and gusto, just like everyone else, but by the end of the first month, I’ve already marked one from my list. By three months, two more have fallen by the wayside, and by the sixth month, I’ve crumpled the list and thrown it in the trash.

As much as we all want a do-over and that’s what  New Year‘s resolutions are – an attempt to do-over the things we botched last year. The truth is, life rarely grants us a do-over; it is what it is.  We do the best we can each day. Sometimes we screw up and sometimes we knock it out of the park; that’s life. If we’re smart, we learn from our experiences and move forward.

 “I did then what I knew best, when I knew better, I did better.” Mayo Angelo

If you made New Year’s resolutions – good for you. I hope you achieve every goal  on your list. For me, I’ll put one step in front of the other, take a deep breath, and move forward. After all, as long as we’re moving forward, we are accomplishing things, making an impact, and living life. That’s all any of us can ask of ourselves.

To all of you, I wish only the best for you and may we all move forward in 2016. What about you? Did you make resolutions for the New Year?

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11 thoughts on “The Truth About New Year’s Resolutions and Our Do-over-list

  1. Hi Sheila! I enjoyed this. I didn’t make any resolutions this year except a vague idea of ‘being better’ than last year. I agree with as long as we’re moving forward, we’re doing something right.

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      • Resolutions, like goals and to do lists and other productive activities of that nature, require way too much thought, planning and effort for me to even consider. Moving, though not necessarily forward but presumably at least in some direction and hopefully not backward, is about the most I can muster on any given day.
        I took an AARP online course called “Living Your Life With Purpose” with the stated expected result for participants of being able to answer the question “Why do you get up in the morning?” I’m STILL working on answering that question in the same STILL lackadaisical manner, though maybe with just a smidge more direction, that I had before starting that course. I’m at the same place with my resolutions.
        I must also add that I have acquired many of my own personal philosophies and guides for living my life in the funny papers. It appears you may have, too!

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        • Holding on my a thread some days. Lol. I still make list, only because if I don’t – it’s forgotten within mins. Aging is hell. When it comes to my blog and writing, well I go with the flow. Thanks so much for stopping by the Cow Pasture, reading and especially commenting. Btw- why do I get up in the morning? Because my body says, enough of this $&@!, getting moving.


  2. For me New Year’s resolutions are too much of burden to carry. I do, however, keep a notebook, in which I write a to-do list on a weekly basis. The load is much lighter and I feel good, when I cross off the things I have accomplished. Happy New Year, Sheila!

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    • I too am a list-maker. for one, if I don’t right it down, it flies out of mind like dust in the wind. A daily or weekly list is different, I think, than a list that often puts impossible demands on us. I agree, too much of a burden. As always, thanks Peter for stopping by, reading and commenting.


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