You’re with Your Mom Now

You’re with your Mom now and I know you’re happy about that; I know how much she meant to you. I’m glad you missed the drama of her passing. Although in a very selfish way, I’m angry that she out lasted you. I envy the close relationship you have with your Mom, especially the love. My Mom is starting to deteriorate and get weaker; It won’t be long before we will be having to face the same issues and do the same caregiving that you and your sisters were doing and Mom will be a hand full, much more difficult than your Mom. I wish you were here to guide me. Right now, because of our confrontation, awhile back, she doesn’t want me to take care of her. So that is going to be interesting and create some strange dynamics with my sisters and brother. I can’t believe you’re not here to talk to. Each day is a little easier, as you can tell, by my absence; Or maybe it’s just harder to keep talking when you don’t talk back. Enjoy your Mom, stroll arm in arm through the Heavens, think of me often, and know I miss and love you.


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