Shopping Expeditions

Thanksgivings is next week, my birthday too. This is the time of year we spent a lot of time together. Right now we would be out shopping a Twiggs for decorations, your house, not mine. You would be fussing the entire time “Sheila, you need to buy this, that, it’s such a good deal….” You always got so pissed at me because you spent all the money, while I ‘window shopped”. I on the other hand, thought you were crazy for paying the price for the things you bought. It was a dance we repeated over and over, no matter what store we were in. We always had fun with it and laughed a lot. You actually were fun to watch. And of course, I usually got a pretty good birthday gift out of all that shopping too! I’m missing you. I need to go shopping, believe it or not, for decorations! Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations! May be having my book club and their spouses over at Christmas and so I need to do a little more this year. You would be so excited and I can see you now, all the places you would be dragging me and all the people you would getting to help me. I can hear me now telling you “Cynthia, I’m not spending a fortune, don’t take me to your expensive shops….” and you saying “I won’t… but they’ll give you a deal because …..” and hear we would go! It’s going to be a boring shopping expedition without you. I wonder if I’ll come back with anything?


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