Men Can’t Be Best Friends

Men cannot be your best friend! They want to be. You want them to be. But the reality is they don’t have it in them to be the kind of best friend we, as women need. Why? Because they can’t stand to sit and truly listen to the details, the reams of information, nonsense, gossip, drama and minutiae that one simple story, one phone conversation; hell, a simple statement someone made, can bring on! They don’t get it! For women and their best friends, it’s all in the details! The details, connect us. It’s what can keep us enthralled in each others lives, makes us feel like we’re not alone, that someone else has been down that road before; We’re looking for that “I can’t believe that… ” I know it must be terrible… or “you are right!”, ” You go girl!”. Best friends know when to listen, speak up in defense, show empathy or sympathy, kick our butts, cheer us on or advise us. But NEVER does a best friend say “Just cut to the chase.” or “I don’t care about the details…”, especially as they are walking out of the room because they really aren’t interested in the minutiae of the day to day stuff that often occupies our phones conversations, lunch hours and after hours cocktails! No, men say they want to be our best friends and I believe they mean it when they say it. They just don’t speak the language!!!


One thought on “Men Can’t Be Best Friends

  1. Amen sister. There is nothing worse than the look of “hurry up”, to stop you mid sentance. But of course they never hurry up, when detailing the days long……..18 hole…golf game. Swing by swing, slices, putts, sand traps, birdies, eagles, par, bad hole, easy hole, worse hole, best hole, best swing. Bad club, bad golfers, bad manners, smooth hit, duff, water trap, back hurts, knee hurts, too hot, rain, on and on and on. Do we make hand motions, to speed them up? No. We pinch ourselves to keep our eyes from glazing over and have learned when to say “really?”, “thats awful”, “oh-h-h” and the best “you'll play better next time.” See, we know how to be a girl freind.


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