Headed Out

Well we’re heading out. The last time I was at the beach I actually went with Cynthia. It’s been quite a while but we had a blast. Just the two of us. It was a long weekend of girl talk, shopping, fine food, late nights on the decks with drinks in hand, reading a good book on the beach and plain old girl time. We even tried bike riding but only once. I’m not a fan. Besides, my idea of exercise is a good walk on the beach or yoga. My knees, ass and lungs can’t take those bikes. And besides, Cynthia and I couldn’t carry on a conversation and peddle at the same time, so to hell with that. Talking was more important. Oh and of course, there were the usual events that always occurred whenever Cynthia and I were around. This time is was the two of us trying to wrestle a beach umbrella into the sand on a very windy day. Both of us are barely over five feet and are small women, not a good recipe for success! But we’re but very hard headed and determined! We did manage to get it into the ground, settled into our chairs, very proud of our selves, picked up our books, when a sudden gust of wind picked it up and away it went! Across the sand our huge, open umbrella went hurling toward other people lying on the beach, unaware of their fate! Cynthia and I were screaming and running in hot pursuit! Who came to the rescue, you ask? Two very nice, very, OLD gentlemen;They stopped the umbrella before it hit anyone and then put it securely into the ground for us, all the while Cynthia flirted and chatted them up like they were 30 and two young bucks that had just saved two southern damsels in distressed! I have pictures to prove it!!! The southern honey dripping off of her was ridiculous! We laughed our asses off! Those two men walked off a lot taller than when they first arrived. She had that effect, when she wanted to. I’ll think of her this week, no doubt but I know she will be with me. I will feel her in the ocean winds around me, the sun on my face and the laughter I hope will come.


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